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Service issues/delays

The courier industry as a whole is suffering from ever increasing fright numbers, driver & staff shortages and, to a lesser extent now, the fuel crises. All of these contribute to a back-log of deliveries that hinders the delivery depot's ability to deliver/collect to service, so some delays are unavoidable.

There are some depot’s that receive less freight than others and aren’t struggling so much with the afore mentioned but the whole network is reliant on each stage of the sortation – from collection, to sortation hub, to delivery – most of which are out of their control so any delay throughout this process also risks further delays to delivery.

We are unable to influence any change to this service as it is a nationwide issue that is affecting all courier networks in the wake of last year’s lock-down restrictions caused by COVID19, this has resulted in a knock-on effect that hinders several aspects of the sortation process. We can only ask that our customers manage their customers expectations with the possibility of delays.

We at DEC thank you all for you patience and understanding during this unusually challenging time.